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Avera New energy electric vehicles

“AVERA Electric Vehicles” is an integrated tech and start-up venture aiming in engineer innovations focused through Collaborative Consumption and Collaborative Investment which is being integrated as our “Main Stream Business Methodology” for the first time globally.



“fa io” has resulted in the development of technologically advanced digital security lock systems comprising latest technologies, is the destined product for people to find the best electronic facial (biometric) digital door locks.

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our Organic Village

We conduct research in crop rotation, plant breeding, soil classification, soil fertility, weed control and other areas. To create value for our customers we give highest and best returns by producing high-quality agricultural products while exercising responsible environmental stewardship.



Having our own manufacturing unit, we have launched ADVANCED WIFI WIRELESS CCTV CAMERAS with cutting edge technology. No competing product comes close in terms of its features.

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Solar Power

With Photovoltaic Systems, the fastest growing energy technology that can generate enough electricity to support your entire power requirements, Chandana offers a wide range of products to cater to all your power needs and provides end to end solutions in Solar Power installations.

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Lithium Battery Zone

Lithium Battery Zone is a battery manufacturer specializing in the research, development and supplier of Lithium Batteries. Our lithium Batteries are used in all kinds of Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, Phones, Fuel Retailing, Wireless devices,LED lamp, GPS product, CCTV Security and more.

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"CHANDANA CORP" is a technological company having diversifications with various aspects of industries was founded in 2012. Over these years the company has earned a reputation that has a unique combination of quality, value, trust and reliability. We’re the team of professionals who understands what customer needs and trying to fulfill those requirements in appropriate span of time with suitable price. ‘CHANDANA’- the market leader in AP and Telangana with an excellent record of 45 years in the field of Textile to Jewellery integrating tradition with fashion, first of its kind in retail sector. Even though ‘CHANDANA’ owes a lot of its success to its brand, its strengths also lies within our commitment to high ethical standards with success in mind and focus on results, constantly finding new ways to innovate and improve advance technologies strived in emerging new technological venture ‘CHANDANA CORP’. During the past 5 years, ‘CHANDANA CORP’ has succeeded in firmly establishing itself as the Largest diversified and vertically-integrated companies that have expertise in all aspects of technology and customized products building to a wide customer base augmented in AVERA-Electric Vehicles, fa io-Face Door Lock, OUR ORGANIC VILLAGE-Organic Farming, AAVECH-Advanced Wireless CCTV’s and SOLAR POWER


Chandana kedarish

Mr Chandana Kedarish is well known Indian business magnate, who is the Leader in Textiles and Jeweler Industry in India. He Designs and implement business strategies, plans and procedures set comprehensive goals for performance and growth.

Chandana ganga bhavani

As a Director in Chandana Corp, Mrs. Ganga Bhavani Chandana plays a key role in senior Management team and even member in advisory board. Apart from these she overseeing all activities of business and owns ownership in many reputed companies.

Ramana AVE

Being a double MS Graduate he continuously strives for improvement of Technology. He is specialized in biometrics and has several years of experience in Embedded and its development. He implements strategies and ensures the organization’s structure.

chandini chandana

Chandini Chandana done her M.B.A from ANU. As a Co-Founder & COO of AVERA and CFO of Chandana Corp., she takes the responsibility of the company to maintain high standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility, also ensures effective management information systems.

satya gangadhar

As a GM of Chandana Corp, he is responsible for overseeing all administrative functions of business. He delegates administrative tasks, such as accounting, paperwork and payroll. He leads employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication.


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